How to deal with negative emotions by using mindfulness meditation as a tool for transformation.

I was not blogging too much in English since I started this page. I have more and more clients here in the UK, so I decided to switch and give more in English.

This blog is very personal, truthful. The reason why I write is becasue first I like writing;) and second I belive that sharing some meaningful insight can bring lots of help to others. If you receive help and motivation through my writing please let me know. Receiving even a tiny express of gratitude is very supportive to me. Thank you 💖🙏

Today I would like to tell you more about how to use mindful meditation whilst feeling negative emotions. We all do feel negative emotions and I believe they exist and show up to bring our attention into something deeper.

It is hard to focus inside once we feel negative emotions. It's because normally negative emotion is being triggered by an external stimulus - a situation, a person, an inner voice which also relate to external conditions. To bring attention inside requires at least a little bit of self awareness - I see the emotion, I feel it, I know what is happening with me.

If you have been already practicing mindfulness meditation or had some different kind of self awakening, you probably are already aware of your own emotions. What to do with all these overwhelming feelings? Questions you may ask yourself: shall I let it go? how? Shall I work it out? How? Shall I ignore it? Shall I bring attention to it? Etc.

Here is an important understanding which can help you in your own personal journey:

Once you experience a particular emotion, take a moment and sit with it and look at it carefully.

Once you give yourself time and start watching how this emotion flows inside your body, which organs, parts of the body you feel the most and how you feel all of this, then your awareness will start receiving very important information:

Behind all negative emotions there is one unmet need.

By watching carefully your own emotions and how you feel them inside your body you will recognise what that unmet need is. The good news is:

Each of us can meet that need by himself.

This is a need that cannot be met by anyone but you. This is a need when unmet causes pain, anger, fear, anxiety, neediness, problems with health, eating disorders, relationship problems, paretnal issues, divorces...etc.

Keep practicing your meditation. Join me if you can in Dunnottar Woods every Friday or online if you wish. Share if you have your own wisdom to share and do it even if others don't understand or don't appreciate you. Create your own happy chemicals, your own happy life:) I bless you and see you again soon 💖🙌

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